Arrive filled with questions and leave with the gift of knowledge

by Ilana Cameron

I was anticipating the stories and the beauty of the lake but I didn't expect to come home changed, to feel the very landscape under and around me to have shifted into focus, to come alive with a deep and powerful legends that were just waiting to show themselves.


Bring the kids, embrace your inner child and have a blast!

by Ilana Cameron

When I started to research for this piece I thought I had an idea of the options available for kids visiting the Creston Valley and surrounding area. The reality is that there is much wider array of delightful, interesting and wonderful options for those looking for something a little more structured to do while visiting the Creston Valley Kootenay Lake Route. 



Strawberries, Starbelly and Yahk... Oh my!

by Ilana Cameron

I love swimming in the summer almost more than anything — yes sometimes even more than coffee. But I also have a soft spot for all the various types of events we get in the summer: outdoor picnics, community parades and music festivals under the stars. It's a season for celebrating and enjoying the warm nights and long days.


Take the plunge in water shared by Sasquatch


This geologically diverse area offers interesting and unique opportunities for cooling off in natural waters.

Do you love to dip in a clear cold river with a stunning mountain backdrop? Or is a meandering pebbled beach next to a deep blue lake more your style? The Creston Valley Kootenay Lake Route offers an overabundance of choices. We've distilled it to our favourites.

Budget: Free


Making the most out of a sunny day in Creston...


by Ilana Cameron

Saturdays in Creston offer a unique opportunity to sample our abundance of local produce and the ever increasing value-added products created from them. The outdoor farmers' market is the hub to find the fruits of these labours and to meet the locals that produce them. After the market finishes there's also plenty of day left,  so why not sample some wine? Even better, why not ride your bike to the wineries and bring some friends along for the adventure?


First Hike Of The Season On Billy Goat Bluffs -  Creston's Newest Trail!


by Ilana Cameron

As much as I do enjoy a multi-day trek through the mountains, sometimes all I need is a quick day hike. We don't always have time to bid civilization farewell, which is why having a local escape is so convenient!

At last the days are growing longer and Spring is just around the corner. Before leaping into spring take a look back at the winter wonderland the Creston Valley - Kootenay Lake had to offer.
There is nothing that can quite compare to the feeling of joy one gets while breaking through the gloomy mid-winter cloud cover into the bluebird skies high above on the Kootenay Pass. Ski touring paradise can be found in the 1133 hectare, Stagleap Park, 46.6 km west of Creston, BC on Hwy 3.
With consistent snowfall, mild winter temperatures, and staging areas located at elevation, snowmobiling on the Salmo-Creston Pass is a favorite riding area for many.