Things to Do in Creston Valley Kootenay Lake, BC

From sipping fresh-brewed coffee while roaming between shelves of a book store to overlooking the valley in sunshine with centuries-old rocks beneath your feet, there are endless, eclectic things to do along the Creston Valley and Kootenay Lake Route. Wine tours and yoga retreats, farmers' markets and campfires, sweet honey and sweeter fruit stands; this historic, well-loved region of British Columbia has something for everyone. Unique culture and art, decadent food and wine, epic recreation and trails, and grounding health and wellness; when you come, you'll know. There's a moment where time stands still, an hour is gained, and soon a new experience relished. Slow down, savour the tall trees and wispy shoreline, indulge in the freshness, do the things, take your time.

Arts and Culture

Uncover the diverse artisans who call this area home, the rich culture and history that makes the Creston Valley - Kootenay Lake Route so interesting and unique.

Food and Wine

Pore over the diverse and appetizing venues that scatter this route. Perhaps you won’t experience them all, but there is always next time.

Health and Wellness

Learn where the opportunities to rejuvenate are, body, mind and soul are found along this route. It is all about slowing down, after all.

Nature and Recreation

Discover unique views, outdoor opportunities and a variety of activities as you make your way through this pristine piece of Beautiful British Columbia.