Lockhart Creek Provincial Park

Lockhart Creek Provincial Park

Located 40 km north of Creston on Highway 3A, Lockhart Creek Provincial Park and adjacent Lockhart Beach Provincial Park extend from the sunny shores of Kootenay Lake to the headwaters of Lockhart Creek. Lockhart Creek Provincial Park, encompasses one of the few unroaded valleys in the region and protects a diverse old growth forest.

The Lockhart Creek Provincial Park has a hiking trail that follows the north side of Lockhart Creek gaining about 800 metres of elevation over a three-hour hike. An old cabin site about two hours up is a favourite destination. Note that this trail is also incrediblly popular for mountain-biking.

Further into the park the Baker Lake trail extends from the eastern boundary of the Lockhart Creek trail and continues onto the Redding Creek Forest Service Road. Multi-day backpackers wishing to access Kianuko Provincial Park should be equipped with strong route finding skills and appropriate equipment.

Though open to wilderness recreation, the park has no facilities or marked trails and is not regularly serviced. Check our Trail Report for bear and/or safety information. Visitors should be self-sufficient and proficient in back country travel practices. For your own safety and the preservation of the park, keep to designated trails.


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Lockhart Creek Provincial Park
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