Lockhart Creek Provincial Park Trail

Lockhart Creek Provincial Park Trail

The Lockhart Creek Provincial Park Trail follows the north side of Lockhart Creek gaining about 800 metres of elevation over a three-hour hike. An old cabin site about two hours up is a favourite destination.

The trail leads to grand vistas of Kootenay Lake and meanders through the habitat of many species of plants and animals unique to temperate interior cedar hemlock forests. Birdwatchers and wildflower and plant identification enthusiasts will be rewarded by a visit to this area.

From the eastern boundary of the Lockhart Creek trail and park, more seasoned hikers prepared to camp overnight may also wish to continue on another 7 kilometers along the trail to Baker Lake Rec Site.

To get here, travel Highway 3-A along Kootenay Lake to Lockhart BEACH Provincial Park. From the day use parking area along the highway and trail kiosk you will follow a path through the provincial campground that briefly cuts through neighbouring Bayshore Resort and then takes you up to Lockhart Road. Turn left and walk up Lockhart road a short distance before turning left again down a road to resorts’s tent campground.

After walking down the road to the campground you will see the bridge over Lockhart Creek on your left, which is the official boundary of Lockhart CREEK Provincial Park. Cross the bridge over the creek, turn right and begin ascending up the valley along the Creek through the mossy undergrowth and cedar.

 Though open to wilderness recreation, the park has no facilities or marked trails and is not regularly serviced. Come prepared and pack out whatever you pack in.

  • Distance: 15 km One way
  • Elevation Gain: 800m
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time: 5-6 hrs
  • Season: Spring-Fall
  • Road Access: Easy
  • Parking: Limited
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Lockhart Creek Provincial Park Trail
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