Thompson Rim Trail

Thompson Rim Trail

The Thompson Rim Trail is the iconic Creston Valley hike, allowing hikers to do most of the hard work from their 4x4s before trekking on foot along the ridge of the Skimmerhorns (Purcells) to stunning eagle-eye views of the Creston Valley below.

To get here from Creston, head east on Highway 3, turning right on Canyon-Lister road and crossing the bridge. About a kilometer past the bridge turn left on to Whimster road, continuing on for another 750 meters, when the paved road ends at a fork. Take the unpaved Mount Thompson Forest Service Road (FSR) to the left, traveling for another 12 kilometers along the main FSR to the top of the mountain.

Upon arriving at the top in your vehicle, get out and walk north past a series of radio towers to the trailhead which descends quickly down and along the ridge into some truly unreal sections of trail.

Expansive view on both sides offer as close to an aerial view of the Creston Valley as you can find. After hiking for a couple hours or so you’ll get to the trail end which is another tower. From here you can look down on the Skimmerhorn and get a totally different perspective of the bumps and cliffs along its ridge line.

Going back offers equally as impressive views. Please note - there is no water on this trail.

  • Distance: 7.4km Round Trip
  • Elevation Gain: 150m (rolling trail)
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time: ~5hrs
  • Season: Summer
  • Access: Difficult, unpaved forestry road
  • Parking: Lots
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Thompson Rim Trail
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